The Hair Journey – My Plan to Growing Healthy Natural Hair Part II

In my previous blog post entitled, “The Hair Journey – My Plan to Growing Healthy Natural Hair Part I”, I outlined some of the steps that I have taken in an attempt to grow out my natural hair. In today’s post, I want to speak on my decision to make protective styling a main component in my hair routine.


Throughout my natural hair journey, I have dabbled with various protective styles whether it be box braids, braided twists, faux locs and now, sew-ins. I would always welcome these changes as they came at a time where my hair and I were not having a harmonious relationship. I would keep each protective style installed for at least two to three weeks and then would get the itch to take it out because I miss my hair.


However, I gained much from each protective style experience. Namely;

  • There was no excessive combing or handling of my hair in anyway which could lead to breakage.
  • I was able to switch up my look without having to sacrifice the health of my natural hair.
  • I saw where my hair retained length from utilizing these protective styles.


Because of those reasons, I have decided to wear protective styling on a more frequent basis to achieve my hair goals. Now, of course, this certainly does not mean that I will be neglectful of my hair. I intend on caring for my hair during this process in order to reap the full benefits of such a growth method.

I commit to;

  • Having a three-week break between each protective style.
  • Using a variety of hair treatments while out of protective style.
  • Caring and maintaining my hair while in protective style.

In future posts, I will expound on how I care and maintain my hair while in protective style.

Stay tuned.