Protective Style Series: The Braided Up-Do

It has been over four weeks since my last protective style. To coincide with that, a couple weeks ago I encountered the urge to change up my look once again. While making my rounds on one of my favourite sites, Pinterest, I came across a protective style that I have never tried before. Typically, when I get my hair braided I tend to request the installation of either long Box Braids or Senegalese Twists. This time, I decided to switch it up and try a braided up-do.


Easy Prep!

To prep my hair I;

  • Cleansed with shampoo
  • Revitalized it with conditioner
  • Added extra moisture by applying a hair masque
  • Thoroughly detangled
  • Moisturized

Of course, I didn’t accomplish this style myself. I visited my trusted hair braider, Angela, who ensured that the install was not too tight.


I am truly in love with this hairstyle. It’s low maintenance and can be worn in a bun when needs be. I am pretty excited to share with you all how I maintain this braided up-do.  However, that is for another blog post.

Until then butterflies 🦋.




The Hair Journey – My Plan to Growing Healthy Natural Hair Part II

In my previous blog post entitled, “The Hair Journey – My Plan to Growing Healthy Natural Hair Part I”, I outlined some of the steps that I have taken in an attempt to grow out my natural hair. In today’s post, I want to speak on my decision to make protective styling a main component in my hair routine.


Throughout my natural hair journey, I have dabbled with various protective styles whether it be box braids, braided twists, faux locs and now, sew-ins. I would always welcome these changes as they came at a time where my hair and I were not having a harmonious relationship. I would keep each protective style installed for at least two to three weeks and then would get the itch to take it out because I miss my hair.


However, I gained much from each protective style experience. Namely;

  • There was no excessive combing or handling of my hair in anyway which could lead to breakage.
  • I was able to switch up my look without having to sacrifice the health of my natural hair.
  • I saw where my hair retained length from utilizing these protective styles.


Because of those reasons, I have decided to wear protective styling on a more frequent basis to achieve my hair goals. Now, of course, this certainly does not mean that I will be neglectful of my hair. I intend on caring for my hair during this process in order to reap the full benefits of such a growth method.

I commit to;

  • Having a three-week break between each protective style.
  • Using a variety of hair treatments while out of protective style.
  • Caring and maintaining my hair while in protective style.

In future posts, I will expound on how I care and maintain my hair while in protective style.

Stay tuned.



The Hair Journey – My Plan to Growing Healthy Natural Hair Part I


In my previous post, Beginnings of a Natural Hair Journey, I expressed my intentions to grow my hair as long and as healthy as possible. Due to unforeseen big-chops throughout the years (mainly from bleaching or flat ironing my hair), I experienced setbacks which countered my hair goals.

In this post, I will outline some of the activities that I will enforce to achieve the aforementioned goals.




The Plan

  • Snip Snip ✂

To some, trimming my hair may seem like a counter-productive approach considering my previous declaration. The gag is, healthy ends are mandatory to achieve hair growth, well… because split ends.

I want to start this journey with healthy hair, which will put me in a better position to attain growth. However, I will not go about this in a reckless manner (i.e. chop all my hair off because I’m scissor happy lol). My intention is to trim just about ¼ inch off.

  • Diet 🍴

I am going to revamp my diet. My aim is to eat well-balanced meals, that contain vitamins and minerals that supports hair growth. This includes Biotin, Niacin, Vitamins A, E & C and Iron, to name a few. I have decided to reincorporate supplements into my diet, in order to ensure that I consume enough nutrients to not only grow my hair but, for general health purposes.

I also plan on increasing my water intake to at least one half of a gallon, daily.

  • Exercise 🏋

Exercise is known to be good for increasing blood flow and circulation within our bodies. This also has a positive effect on our scalp in that, an increase in blood flow and circulation means that more nutrients and oxygen will be delivered to our hair follicles. The nourishment this process provides encourages hair growth.

I have read that scalp massages offer a similar effect on hair growth, as with exercising. I will  perform scalp massages for at least three times within my week.

Side note, I find this to be incredibly relaxing.

  • Adequate Sleep 😴

This is the kicker. Personally,  going to my bed early has always been a challenge for me. However, I will commit to making greater effort in getting sufficient sleep per night. Sleep is crucial for cell regeneration / renewal. I read that during sleep, protein synthesis occurs which is basically when our cells produce new proteins. Hair is made out of protein. It was therefore suggested that for hair to grow optimally, adequate sleep is required.

In part II, I will share my preferred hair routine to achieve my hair goals.

Stay tuned.




Beginnings of a Natural Hair Journey


On my natural hair journey (aka a term naturalista’s use when they decide to implement healthy hair-care practices to achieve a specific hair goal, which is usually length related), I have big chopped twice and transitioned once. With that being said, I have never witnessed my hair grow beyond armpit length (when stretched). It really is not that serious but I have always wanted to know how long my hair could grow.

This has been my ultimate goal since the inception of my natural hair journey. This goal has derailed due to bouts of spontaneity, which I tend to get at the ‘almost two years post big-chop mark’, where I conjure up the bright idea to get my hair either bleached/coloured or flat-ironed.

This usually ends with me cutting my hair off and starting over because, well… damage.

Yay me.


Being the optimist that I am, I have decided to learn from past decisions and to forge forward by embarking on a new natural hair journey.

In future posts, I will share tips and tidbits of what I am doing to achieve my hair goals.

Stay tuned. Grow with me.