Friday Nights at Café Blue

It is a Friday night. My best friend, Darien Robertson, and I have made plans to meet-up at one of our treasured spots to catch-up about the happenings in our lives. Upon opening the doors of Café Blue, I am instantly reminded of comfort, coffee and camaraderie. I am thrilled to see Darien. Our schedules […]

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Musings – “Though Imperfect, I Will Rise”

I am not perfect. I embrace this. I am this. But, that will not stop me from Doing better, Being better because, I know my capabilities. I know what I deserve. My goals? My aspirations? I will grow to reach each and every one of them. While, being this Imperfect.  ~ Karelilyy

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Self-Care Sundays — Invest in You

  For a period of my life, I embraced complacency. Mind you, I had certain goals and aspirations that I was excited for mentally but, did little to nothing to achieve. That became my problem. Over time, I fell down the proverbial rabbit hole and became more and more dissatisfied with how my life was […]

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Natural Hair

Beginnings of a Natural Hair Journey

On my natural hair journey (aka a term naturalista’s use when they decide to implement healthy hair-care practices to achieve a specific hair goal, which is usually length related), I have big chopped twice and transitioned once. With that being said, I have never witnessed my hair grow beyond armpit length (when stretched). It really is […]

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