🦋Project Be Your Best Version

Over the past few weeks I have been self-assessing. I tend to do this when I feel as if I am ‘off my game’, so to speak. While mulling it over I kept asking myself, what would my life look like if I made a consistent effort to be the best version of myself? What would happen if I made a proactive attempt at designing my life exactly how I wanted it?

I have watched YouTube videos, read quotes and books that have unanimously taught me that I must take charge of my life and to create the kind of life that I truly want to live. How different would my life look from the last three months if I adopted the mind-set to commit 100%, to living life as I designed? I did my best to picture it but, honestly? I am not sure. However, what I am certain of is that life as I know it, would change for the better.

This is how I knew, I had to walk the walk.

For the next ¾ of 2018, I will cast fear aside and will try to fashion life as I never knew it before. I will evaluate all areas of my life and will form a plan on how I can upgrade each area. This also means that I will focus on developing habits that will make me a more effective human and pursue goals that I have procrastinated.

Though this is a personal journey, I will detail updates on my progress on the first Sunday of each month until the end of 2018.



Grow with me Butterflies 🦋 .



My First Bullet Journal 📖

One day, while making rounds of watching YouTube videos, I came across the concept of bullet journaling. Over time, my obsession for watching said themed videos grew rapidly. I became intrigued by “Plan With Me” videos, where you observe how various individuals set up their bullet journals thus, being more organized for a specific month.

Of late, my need to be more organized has grown tenfold. In my humble opinion, an organized life is mandatory to reap overall success.

My Theme For The Year ~ “Consistent Action Creates Consistent Results” – Christine Kane 

You may wonder, ‘what exactly is a Bullet Journal?’. Based on my understanding, it is a book that is used with the intention to plan for / organize, track and store specific activities / tasks, events or even, habits that you want to embark on within a particular time-frame.

A Bullet Journal is ideal for a person that;

📌 Is goal-oriented

📌 Enjoys planning, journaling or things of that nature

📌 Wants to be organized

📌 Loves stationery equipment

📌 Loves to regularly track their goals or habits

Yesterday, I bought my first journal (a special shout-out to my friend that helped with my selection. I can be very indecisive at times lol.). I am filled with excitement to start my journaling journey and will share updates of my progress in future posts.


Karelilyy 🦋

Friday Nights at Café Blue

It is a Friday night. My best friend, Darien Robertson, and I have made plans to meet-up at one of our treasured spots to catch-up about the happenings in our lives. Upon opening the doors of Café Blue, I am instantly reminded of comfort, coffee and camaraderie.

I am thrilled to see Darien. Our schedules sometimes clash, with Darien being a professional photographer and me working on a multiplicity of projects. I am always elated when we get to hang out.

The first order of business though, is to order beverages.

Some like it hot, Some like it cold

My eyes tend to stray to the cold drinks section of the Café Blue menu. Usually, I order the Mochaccino however, tonight I feel like trying something new so, I get a Blueccino. This is delicious by the way. Darien, on the other hand, typically orders the hot beverage; a medium Mocha to be exact.


We then seat ourselves and dive into conversation. The smoothing music that plays in the background helps with the ambiance and builds a cozy vibe.

Mid-conversation, we are greeted with the drinks we ordered. We issue our thanks to the gracious lady that provided them.


Darien and I then proceed with our conversation. We share our immediate goals, jokes and things that we find interesting.

Time truly flies when you are in good company. Before we know it, it is closing time.

With memories of tonight’s proceedings intact, we bid the café a farewell until another Friday when it will all happen again.