Study With Me? 📚

Hey Butterflies!

I recently started my law undergraduate studies which has been a tumultuous experience, to say the least. My thoughts have since been bombarded with law principles, cases and statues.

As I am the type of person to YouTube practically everything, I discovered Study with Me videos. On those long nights of studying, it feels somewhat soothing to see a virtual study buddy focused and studying as well. On days where I lack the drive to study, I become motivated to study for as long as they do, which can last between 20 minutes to over an hour (depending on the video) per session. These videos have been extremely helpful for me so much so, that I have decided to make one myself.

I hope that my video will help you, as much as those category of videos have helped me.

Until next time.

♡♡ Karelilyy



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