🦋Project Be Your Best Version

Over the past few weeks I have been self-assessing. I tend to do this when I feel as if I am ‘off my game’, so to speak. While mulling it over I kept asking myself, what would my life look like if I made a consistent effort to be the best version of myself? What would happen if I made a proactive attempt at designing my life exactly how I wanted it?

I have watched YouTube videos, read quotes and books that have unanimously taught me that I must take charge of my life and to create the kind of life that I truly want to live. How different would my life look from the last three months if I adopted the mind-set to commit 100%, to living life as I designed? I did my best to picture it but, honestly? I am not sure. However, what I am certain of is that life as I know it, would change for the better.

This is how I knew, I had to walk the walk.

For the next ¾ of 2018, I will cast fear aside and will try to fashion life as I never knew it before. I will evaluate all areas of my life and will form a plan on how I can upgrade each area. This also means that I will focus on developing habits that will make me a more effective human and pursue goals that I have procrastinated.

Though this is a personal journey, I will detail updates on my progress on the first Sunday of each month until the end of 2018.



Grow with me Butterflies 🦋 .



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