Protective Style Series: The Braided Up-Do

It has been over four weeks since my last protective style. To coincide with that, a couple weeks ago I encountered the urge to change up my look once again. While making my rounds on one of my favourite sites, Pinterest, I came across a protective style that I have never tried before. Typically, when I get my hair braided I tend to request the installation of either long Box Braids or Senegalese Twists. This time, I decided to switch it up and try a braided up-do.


Easy Prep!

To prep my hair I;

  • Cleansed with shampoo
  • Revitalized it with conditioner
  • Added extra moisture by applying a hair masque
  • Thoroughly detangled
  • Moisturized

Of course, I didn’t accomplish this style myself. I visited my trusted hair braider, Angela, who ensured that the install was not too tight.


I am truly in love with this hairstyle. It’s low maintenance and can be worn in a bun when needs be. I am pretty excited to share with you all how I maintain this braided up-do.  However, that is for another blog post.

Until then butterflies 🦋.




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