Blooming In Spite of Fear

It is eight o’ clock in the morning. I am up and my mind is running a mile a minute. I tend to think a lot about the past, the present and the future. Who I was versus who I am and, who I want to be. I am proud of my progress thus far, and I love the person that I am. Now.

Self-discovery is a beautiful yet, intricate experience.

As a child, I was always afraid and felt too shy to embrace me. As a teen, I realized how I was and felt the need to change. That is the thing with me; I always welcomed change even if it scared me. That is when I started my journey to my better self.

 I was shy and afraid of speaking, so I challenged myself and joined the debating society. I feared dancing in public, so, I participated in a dance competition for the first time in my life, while in high school.

 I say that to say, never allow fear to prevent you from becoming your better self. Sometimes the things we are afraid of doing, are the very things that will help us grow the most.  The obstacles that we encounter and engage in are at times the most rewarding.

My advice?  Challenge yourself by taking action, face your fears and learn from every experience.

Keep Striving Butterflies 🦋






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