Self-Care Sundays — Invest in You



For a period of my life, I embraced complacency. Mind you, I had certain goals and aspirations that I was excited for mentally but, did little to nothing to achieve. That became my problem. Over time, I fell down the proverbial rabbit hole and became more and more dissatisfied with how my life was going. Until one day, I then realized that my reality could change at any moment IF I DECIDED to change. This paradigm shift was a game-changer for me. I learnt that I must take action in achieving my goals and that I must work on those things that are within my control. If I do my part, things will fall into place.

How am I Changing?

  • I Make a Decision

I decided that I would no longer settle for mediocrity. I know what I want to achieve and I know the required effort that it will take to accomplish my goals. Partial efforts lead to partial results. I therefore decided to commit to my goals 100%.

  •  I Read Books / Watch Videos / Listen to Podcasts

I stimulate my mind with uplifting books that will not only encourage me, but will give me tactics that I can implement to realize my goals. Currently, I am doing my best to read at least three books per month.

Secondly, I watch inspirational YouTube videos and listen to podcasts on a daily basis as sources of constant motivation.

  • I Make a Plan

Personally, I find to-do lists to be a highly effective mechanism to keep me on track of what I want to accomplish. I write down each goal and then break them down into smaller practicable tasks. To ensure that I make time to engage these tasks, I also assign them within my weekly schedule.

  • I Take Action

I understand now, that it is through consistent action that we will attain our goals. My aspiration is that each day, I will do just one small thing that will propel me forward on the path that I want to go. I subscribe to the Tanzanian proverb “little by little, a little becomes a lot”. Thus, it is through constant effort that we will accomplish our goals.

Keep Striving.




8 thoughts on “Self-Care Sundays — Invest in You”

  1. I really appreciate this blog post. It clarifies what is vital for self development identifying problems and solving them the way that works best with you. In cases like these, we embrace the paradigm shift because it becomes necessary to move forward in improving the self. Love this Karel!

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