Beginnings of a Natural Hair Journey


On my natural hair journey (aka a term naturalista’s use when they decide to implement healthy hair-care practices to achieve a specific hair goal, which is usually length related), I have big chopped twice and transitioned once. With that being said, I have never witnessed my hair grow beyond armpit length (when stretched). It really is not that serious but I have always wanted to know how long my hair could grow.

This has been my ultimate goal since the inception of my natural hair journey. This goal has derailed due to bouts of spontaneity, which I tend to get at the ‘almost two years post big-chop mark’, where I conjure up the bright idea to get my hair either bleached/coloured or flat-ironed.

This usually ends with me cutting my hair off and starting over because, well… damage.

Yay me.


Being the optimist that I am, I have decided to learn from past decisions and to forge forward by embarking on a new natural hair journey.

In future posts, I will share tips and tidbits of what I am doing to achieve my hair goals.

Stay tuned. Grow with me.





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