Study With Me? 📚

Hey Butterflies!

I recently started my law undergraduate studies which has been a tumultuous experience, to say the least. My thoughts have since been bombarded with law principles, cases and statues.

As I am the type of person to YouTube practically everything, I discovered Study with Me videos. On those long nights of studying, it feels somewhat soothing to see a virtual study buddy focused and studying as well. On days where I lack the drive to study, I become motivated to study for as long as they do, which can last between 20 minutes to over an hour (depending on the video) per session. These videos have been extremely helpful for me so much so, that I have decided to make one myself.

I hope that my video will help you, as much as those category of videos have helped me.

Until next time.

♡♡ Karelilyy



🦋Project Be Your Best Version

Over the past few weeks I have been self-assessing. I tend to do this when I feel as if I am ‘off my game’, so to speak. While mulling it over I kept asking myself, what would my life look like if I made a consistent effort to be the best version of myself? What would happen if I made a proactive attempt at designing my life exactly how I wanted it?

I have watched YouTube videos, read quotes and books that have unanimously taught me that I must take charge of my life and to create the kind of life that I truly want to live. How different would my life look from the last three months if I adopted the mind-set to commit 100%, to living life as I designed? I did my best to picture it but, honestly? I am not sure. However, what I am certain of is that life as I know it, would change for the better.

This is how I knew, I had to walk the walk.

For the next ¾ of 2018, I will cast fear aside and will try to fashion life as I never knew it before. I will evaluate all areas of my life and will form a plan on how I can upgrade each area. This also means that I will focus on developing habits that will make me a more effective human and pursue goals that I have procrastinated.

Though this is a personal journey, I will detail updates on my progress on the first Sunday of each month until the end of 2018.



Grow with me Butterflies 🦋 .


Protective Style Series: The Braided Up-Do

It has been over four weeks since my last protective style. To coincide with that, a couple weeks ago I encountered the urge to change up my look once again. While making my rounds on one of my favourite sites, Pinterest, I came across a protective style that I have never tried before. Typically, when I get my hair braided I tend to request the installation of either long Box Braids or Senegalese Twists. This time, I decided to switch it up and try a braided up-do.


Easy Prep!

To prep my hair I;

  • Cleansed with shampoo
  • Revitalized it with conditioner
  • Added extra moisture by applying a hair masque
  • Thoroughly detangled
  • Moisturized

Of course, I didn’t accomplish this style myself. I visited my trusted hair braider, Angela, who ensured that the install was not too tight.


I am truly in love with this hairstyle. It’s low maintenance and can be worn in a bun when needs be. I am pretty excited to share with you all how I maintain this braided up-do.  However, that is for another blog post.

Until then butterflies 🦋.



My First Bullet Journal 📖

One day, while making rounds of watching YouTube videos, I came across the concept of bullet journaling. Over time, my obsession for watching said themed videos grew rapidly. I became intrigued by “Plan With Me” videos, where you observe how various individuals set up their bullet journals thus, being more organized for a specific month.

Of late, my need to be more organized has grown tenfold. In my humble opinion, an organized life is mandatory to reap overall success.

My Theme For The Year ~ “Consistent Action Creates Consistent Results” – Christine Kane 

You may wonder, ‘what exactly is a Bullet Journal?’. Based on my understanding, it is a book that is used with the intention to plan for / organize, track and store specific activities / tasks, events or even, habits that you want to embark on within a particular time-frame.

A Bullet Journal is ideal for a person that;

📌 Is goal-oriented

📌 Enjoys planning, journaling or things of that nature

📌 Wants to be organized

📌 Loves stationery equipment

📌 Loves to regularly track their goals or habits

Yesterday, I bought my first journal (a special shout-out to my friend that helped with my selection. I can be very indecisive at times lol.). I am filled with excitement to start my journaling journey and will share updates of my progress in future posts.


Karelilyy 🦋

My Tribute To 2017

I appreciate 2017 because with it, came immense growth. It was the year that I started to understand and appreciate myself. I guess that is another way for me to say that I found…me. Through my high points and low points, I have come to terms with many lessons that life wanted me to acknowledge and from those, I can safely say that I became a stronger person.



That’s the thing with life. It moves like the seasons. There are winters, springs, autumns and summers. Life has taught me that you must prepare as best, to handle each season accordingly. Winter time is cold and daunting, spring brings possibilities in leaps and bounds, in autumn hard work tends to pay off and summers are when I am most optimistic and motivated. I am grateful for each season, for without them I would not be who I am today.

2017 was the year that I broke from my cocoon. 2018 will be the year that I find my way as a butterfly 🦋.

So, Happy New Year my butterflies 🎉.

The blank pages ahead are ready to be filled with stories of your pending greatness. Write well.



Blooming In Spite of Fear

It is eight o’ clock in the morning. I am up and my mind is running a mile a minute. I tend to think a lot about the past, the present and the future. Who I was versus who I am and, who I want to be. I am proud of my progress thus far, and I love the person that I am. Now.

Self-discovery is a beautiful yet, intricate experience.

As a child, I was always afraid and felt too shy to embrace me. As a teen, I realized how I was and felt the need to change. That is the thing with me; I always welcomed change even if it scared me. That is when I started my journey to my better self.

 I was shy and afraid of speaking, so I challenged myself and joined the debating society. I feared dancing in public, so, I participated in a dance competition for the first time in my life, while in high school.

 I say that to say, never allow fear to prevent you from becoming your better self. Sometimes the things we are afraid of doing, are the very things that will help us grow the most.  The obstacles that we encounter and engage in are at times the most rewarding.

My advice?  Challenge yourself by taking action, face your fears and learn from every experience.

Keep Striving Butterflies 🦋





The Hair Journey – My Plan to Growing Healthy Natural Hair Part II

In my previous blog post entitled, “The Hair Journey – My Plan to Growing Healthy Natural Hair Part I”, I outlined some of the steps that I have taken in an attempt to grow out my natural hair. In today’s post, I want to speak on my decision to make protective styling a main component in my hair routine.


Throughout my natural hair journey, I have dabbled with various protective styles whether it be box braids, braided twists, faux locs and now, sew-ins. I would always welcome these changes as they came at a time where my hair and I were not having a harmonious relationship. I would keep each protective style installed for at least two to three weeks and then would get the itch to take it out because I miss my hair.


However, I gained much from each protective style experience. Namely;

  • There was no excessive combing or handling of my hair in anyway which could lead to breakage.
  • I was able to switch up my look without having to sacrifice the health of my natural hair.
  • I saw where my hair retained length from utilizing these protective styles.


Because of those reasons, I have decided to wear protective styling on a more frequent basis to achieve my hair goals. Now, of course, this certainly does not mean that I will be neglectful of my hair. I intend on caring for my hair during this process in order to reap the full benefits of such a growth method.

I commit to;

  • Having a three-week break between each protective style.
  • Using a variety of hair treatments while out of protective style.
  • Caring and maintaining my hair while in protective style.

In future posts, I will expound on how I care and maintain my hair while in protective style.

Stay tuned.