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Study With Me? 📚

Hey Butterflies! I recently started my law undergraduate studies which has been a tumultuous experience, to say the least. My thoughts have since been bombarded with law principles, cases and statues. As I am the type of person to YouTube practically everything, I discovered Study with Me videos. On those long nights of studying, it feels […]

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🦋Project Be Your Best Version

Over the past few weeks I have been self-assessing. I tend to do this when I feel as if I am ‘off my game’, so to speak. While mulling it over I kept asking myself, what would my life look like if I made a consistent effort to be the best version of myself? What […]

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Natural Hair

Protective Style Series: The Braided Up-Do

It has been over four weeks since my last protective style. To coincide with that, a couple weeks ago I encountered the urge to change up my look once again. While making my rounds on one of my favourite sites, Pinterest, I came across a protective style that I have never tried before. Typically, when […]

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My First Bullet Journal 📖

One day, while making rounds of watching YouTube videos, I came across the concept of bullet journaling. Over time, my obsession for watching said themed videos grew rapidly. I became intrigued by “Plan With Me” videos, where you observe how various individuals set up their bullet journals thus, being more organized for a specific month. […]

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My Tribute To 2017

I appreciate 2017 because with it, came immense growth. It was the year that I started to understand and appreciate myself. I guess that is another way for me to say that I found…me. Through my high points and low points, I have come to terms with many lessons that life wanted me to acknowledge […]

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Blooming In Spite of Fear

It is eight o’ clock in the morning. I am up and my mind is running a mile a minute. I tend to think a lot about the past, the present and the future. Who I was versus who I am and, who I want to be. I am proud of my progress thus far, […]

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